Saturday, July 3, 2010

Curves ahead ...

OK, so I've got so many ideas spinning in my head of late that I've realized I need to divide and conquer.  I'm afraid you're going to see many of my archived posts "disappear"; meanwhile, I'll be starting two new blogs in addition to this one.  "Breathe Deeply" is going to go on a diet: no more food, no more diapers.  I need to get back to my theme of "breathing through life."  And, as my husband is in the process of applying for commission into the Navy Chaplain Corps, this blog will probably become all the more relevant.  I'll be sharing with you the journey we take as a family; along with my heart for the modern day "Hospitalers": the knights who's sworn duty is to care for the spiritual well being of the knights and soldiers of the Crown.  Book reviews, inspirational moments, and homeschooling topics will also fall under this blog.

Those of you who have visited my blog to glean from my dietary adventure, do not despair!  I intend to start another blog on "Vintage Eating."  Or should I call it the "Urban Farm Kitchen"?  How 'bout "Lessons from Hobbits"?  Under one title or another, I will be addressing: 1) healthy eating (what is advisable versus what is unnecessary on a tight budget) and 2) urban farming.

As for cloth diapering/natural parenting ... I've decided there are enough blogs out there on this topic.  However, I still have a love for natural textiles and traditional family living.  So, blog #3.  This one will probably also have a Tolkien-esque theme to it's title because my imagination is utterly caught up in Middle Earth.  Yes, I hope to begin experimenting with costume reconstruction from select wardrobe elements of my favorite film trilogy.  However, I am highly annoyed with all the "replicas" I've seen rendered from synthetic fabrics.  My hope is (over the next few years) alter some patterns with muslin and cheap suedecloth and then begin recreating some of the "drabber" outfits (at least to start) with natural and historically accurate textiles and a functional purpose.  All you equestrians our there looking for costumes that are "rider-friendly," my efforts are with you in mind!  And yes, I will probably be addressing the practical side of traditional baby care in this blog as well.

So, to those who have been faithfully sloshing through my clumsy initial attempts at blogging: thank you!  I hope you enjoy what I will hopefully be building over the next months!

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