Sunday, April 18, 2010

Benefit Alert! The Cloth Diaper Foundation

One of my big frustrations when I first began cloth diapering was the start-up costs.  With my first child, the up-front price tag for serious CD'ing gave me serious sticker shock.  As we fell under the poverty line, it just wasn't feasible.  That's why I was really excited to find The Cloth Diaper Foundation on Facebook.

"The Cloth Diaper Foundation was founded as Miracle Diapers in Oregon in January of 2005 to fill a need. There were many families who wanted to cloth diaper their children for health, economical, and environmental reasons but could not due to financial restrictions. After an overwhelming response, two more chapters were opened by the end of that year. With the same great goals in mind, our fifth anniversary as cloth diapering charity brought about a complete overhaul and makeover of the Foundation from management to practices all to better serve our recipients and the cloth diapering community nationwide. Everyone here at the Cloth Diaper Foundation looks forward to a brighter future for our charity and continuing to assist those in need with getting a jump start on cloth diapering.

Our goal is to someday have representatives all over the United States. Through this we hope to not only be able to serve thousands of families in need, but to be able to educate the public on today’s cloth diapers and therefore helping cloth become more mainstream." 

Since this is a mission that I'd really like to support, I was delighted to discover that they are holding a benefit auction to raise funds for their foundation.  All the items they auction are eco-mommy-friendly; and the proceeds will go towards getting financially-challenged families started on their cloth diaper stash.

One of the products up for auction is a set consisting of a Bumgenius Organic AIO and Wahmies Wetbag.  This is a nice opportunity to sample these items.  I've had the opportunity to try a BG Organic AIO (with Aplix), and they are indeed a very trim-fitting diaper.  The jersey is quite soft and breathable-my daughter seemed to enjoy the change in pace from the usual routine.  I will warn that BG's do run on the smaller side (at a roley-poley 26" and 20 lbs, my daughter was on the largest setting).  However, the BG up for auction is the new model with snaps!
Included with the BG AIO is a Wahmies Wetbag.  Wetbags are essential to a full-time cloth-diapering system, for they give you a reusable waterproof and sealable tote for your dirty duds in the diaper bag.  Even if you choose to not CD on your errands, these totes are invaluable for carrying clothes soiled by those inevitable disposable diaper explosions!  Don't leave home without one ... :-p  Please check out the following link:

Green Mama Benefit Item - Banana Peels Diapers - bumGenius Oraganic AIO/Wahmies Wetbag 

Please, if you're up for sampling new products and want to support their efforts, visit the auction for the Cloth Diaper Foundation!
For more information on the Cloth Diaper Foundation, please visit their website at

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